Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Which bus do we take again?

Today, after class we stopped by a little pizzeria and afterwards we went to Trastevere. You would think it would be easy to get to seeing how it's only a few miles away from our villa. But wait! The metro doesn't go out there. We had to take the bus and let's just say that was an adventure. We weren't sure what stop to get off at (tried 2 buses) and once we made it to where we were going and wanted to come back home, we didn't know what bus to get on (tried 3 buses). Don't worry, we obvi made it home. You live, you learn. Right?

While we were in Trastevere, we tried to go to this restaurant, but it was closed. We settled for one around the corner. Let's just say it wasn't "authentic" win some, you lose some and even if it was stouffer's, I guess it wasn't terrible lasagna. The gelato afterwards made up for it since I haven't had gelato since Sunday! I had banana (just for you BF) and cinnamon. We also visited Santa Maria in Trastevere Church. It was beautiful. Like the other churches in Italy, it was very old and extravagant, even though it was small. Nothing like the churches in the U.S. There was a fountain in the front in Piazza Santa Maria. This is the biggest meeting area for Trastevere, being one of the smaller neighborhoods. I definitely will be going back and clearly will need to get some recommendations for restaurants (Claire and Robert, this means you). I'm still getting over my cold. My professor tells me I need to go to the beach. Apparently, that's how Italians get over a cold. I just might listen to that advice! Ciao!

P.S. Kelly, I didn't label these pics because I thought even you could tell the difference between lasagna, a church and a fountain. :)

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  1. Dar Poeta is really hard to find, but they have really good pizza. I just saw it on google though because I forgot the name. Pretty busy usually. Also, Aristocampo on Via della Scala for good paninis. I recommend the hot dog one if you have a hankering. (There's also one in the Campo dei Fiore across the river...highly recommend going one morning for the farmers market!- close to Pantheon, Piazza Navona, etc.) There are some other good looking restaurants along Via della Scala too...I would avoid the area immediately around the Piazza S.Maria in Trastevere...touristy! You can also try the street that runs east from the main Piazza...a bit more touristy, but good night life, I think. We didn't get out much.

    Glad you're enjoying yourself!