Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Arancia, Flumucil Mucolitico and ActiFed

So, I seem to have caught a cold here in Rome. Grrr...I went to the pharmacists to ask for Mucinex-D. For those of you who don't know, this is a miracle drug, apparently not sold in Italy. The pharmacist couldn't understand a freaking thing I was saying. He proceeded to invite me behind the counter to "Google" what I needed and also pulled up "Google" translator. Finally, he realized I wanted some form of Guaifenesin. "No, no, no he said." They didn't have it. So he gave me some crap, Flumucil Mucolitico and ActiFed. If ever in Italy, stay away from the Flumucil Mucolitico, citrus chewables. YUCK! Arancia is orange juice...from a carton similar to what cooking wine is sold in from the U.S, I might add. Drinking that straight.

So today we also walked down to Piazza delle Repubblica because Crystal wanted to visit a restaurant in Rome that she went to when she was here with her fiance. She's obsessed with the risotto there. I had spaghetti cacio e pepe. Not bad. We basically walked around in circles until it opened because most restaurants do not open until at least 6:30 here, and some as late as 8. Alessio was the name of the place. It started to rain. The crazy umbrella guys then staged their attack once again and came running after us at every corner. Since I am sick, I decided that being in the rain wasn't the best idea ever. So, I haggled that crazy umbrella guy until I could haggle no more. 2 euros for a freaking umbrella! Even AFTER the haggling. Crap.

I have a presentation tomorrow, so we came back earlier than usual. Not to mention, the city is doing work on the metro until next year, so it closes at 9 Sunday-Friday. Boo. Well, not a crazy eventful day...Ciao!

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