Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My first day without gelato...sad face.

Well yesterday was low key. I had a lot of catching up to do with schoolwork, so we laid low for the most part.

Today class was interesting. We have finally started talking about substantive issues in class. I am not use to the whole lecturing format of class now that I am in law school, so I get very tired in class. This is rare for me, the normal discussion and banter of class keeps me alert. I guess that just means I will be participating more!

Tuesday night was the first night I slept through the night and today was the most tired I have been since I got here. BUT…that did not stop me from doing some more exploring! DUH, and you thought this was going to be a boring post about my lack of sleep. Boy, were you wrong.

After class, we grabbed a panini at a place near campus. I had cream cheese and salami. I actually don’t care for salami in the states, but it tastes different here. It was really good and it was take out. I’m obsessed with the food. I think that is obvious by my posts. I will say, I’m disappointed with the coffee. There is a “bar” on every corner. Bars have caffe, alcohol, pastries, paninis, etc. I hate the fact that I can’t have a giant coffee in the morning before class! But, I will admit the espresso tastes good as well (even though I can’t get a big one and take it to go).

We came back to the apartment to drop off our stuff and headed out to explore with our friend Samantha. We went to the Fiori di Cesare area today. This area mainly consists of the Coliseum, the Roman Forum, Il Vittoriano and a couple of churches and basilicas. We did not go inside the Coliseum because we are planning to do that another day and just wanted to check out the area (same with the Forum). Il Vittoriano is what the Romans call the “typewriter.” It is actually very beautiful and we saw the inside and outside (including the terrace) of the typewriter. From there we stumbled upon Basilica di Santa Maria in Aracoeli. It was also amazing! Apparently, the entrance through which we entered did not have a list of rules. Therefore, we did not know we could not take pictures, so at the expense of breaking the rules I got some beautiful shots that you see here.

After that, we went to a small restaurant near our apartment with Marsha and Kalpana. Three people run the restaurant, including one chef. He is a cute, portly, older man who was super sweet (and adorning a Italian chef hat). The food was delish! I had the Carbonara. The rigatoni was cooked perfectly and the bacon was to die for. He also gave us a free dessert. It was an apricot tort. Not really up my alley (you know I am weird about textures), but super sweet. It was actually somewhat odd because Samantha, Dan, Matt, Jordan and Emily showed up there too, making our group rather big and loud (this place is teeny). The odd part was not that. It was the fact that the other customers were shushing us! I thought Italians were loud and crazy! Guess I was wrong. Technically, it does not matter because the chef clearly loved us and we will be going back!

It's getting super late and I need my rest! Miss everyone. Buonanotte!

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  1. Side note: Are you going to Pompeii while you're in Sorrento? I really liked Pompeii, totally forgot to mention it on our last outing! Hope all is well! Miss you!