Monday, June 6, 2011

Cipro (CHEE-pro)

Today was the first day of class. Apparently the schedule is getting changed. This is a good and bad thing. One of my classes will only last two weeks, the other will last the whole time I am in Rome. This is good because I will get out of class early after the first two weeks and the final will be immediately after giving me a free day at the end of the program. This is bad because I will get out of class late during the first two weeks and it pushes back our first two weekend trips, which are still in the planning stages. Both of my professors seem very nice and the classes seem like they will be pretty interesting.

After class we ate at a little place with two new friends, Kalpana and Danielle, I had rigatoni con pancetta. It was delish! After lunch I came back here to work on a few things and we headed out with Kalpana and Danielle shortly after. We went back to the Spanish Steps and we also stumbled upon some awesome views of Rome (north of the Spanish Steps). We walked around forever and also visted Palazzo del Popolo and a sliver of Borghese Park. We stopped off for gelato (of course)--caffe and belcio today. After walking around for a few hours, I had red wine, gnocchi and bruschetta for dinner (Pizza Ciro). It was also delish! However, the Tiramisu there, not so great. We also took my brother's suggestion and went to the Trevi Fountain after dark. Great idea (even if the "rose-giver-awayers" wouldn't leave us be) !

Apparently the Metro is temporarily closed after nine Sunday through Friday, so we had to take a bus back to the villa, an interesting experience to say the least but an attempt to speak Italian and smell some fresh B.O. di Italiana! (I made that up, just alot of B.O. on that bus-sick!)

Alot of people have been requesting pics of our villa. I will do my best to post some here soon. Miss everyone! Arrivederci!

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  1. yay for classes being good! I'm still jealous in case you were wondering! Get on the mint gelato! omg. a-mazing :)